Ocean Of Games – Cuisineer v1.1.2648 Free Download

If you love to cook food and enjoy delicious recipes then you gonna love Cuisineer. It offers, a role-playing simulation where you have to play the role of a cooking master Pom. Initially, Pom was an adventure lover. But when he returns to his hometown Paell, he observes that the restaurant is closed and his parents are in trouble with debts. Now you have to play the role of Pom and re-open the restaurant. You have to manage your restaurant and take to peak in order to clear all the debts of your parents.

Features of Cuisineer

This food & cooking saga brings thrilling gameplay and a lot of fun with its amazing features.

Thrilling Exploration

This amazing PC game includes great thrill for exploration lovers. It offers a diversity of biomes where you have to explore locations to find ingredients.

Variety of Dynamic Biomes

For searching food ingredients for your restaurant, Cuisineer offers procedurally generated biomes with dynamic environments and changing amounts of ingredients. You will find something different and a new collection of ingredients in every biome every time you come here. Collect perfect ingredients to cook delicious foods for your customers.

Diversity of Ingredients

Cuisineer offers tons of ingredients in different categories to give your restaurant food diversity. You can collect huge amounts of ingredients by exploring biomes to boost your restaurant menu card with delicious recipes.

Cook 100+ Recipes

This game allows you to attract your customers with a diversity of foods. Decorate your menu card with over 100 recipes to impress your customers. From burgers to swamps, this game offers a variety of dishes.

Master Your Cooking

Once, you have a diversity of foods, all the ingredients, and a diverse menu card, you are all set to enjoy cooking. Master the art of cooking with the perfect blend of ingredients for your recipes. It will not only help you to impress customers but also boost the market value of your restaurant.

System Requirements

Before downloading the game, you must know about the requirements for this game to run on your PC. The first thing is that it is designed for Windows. You need a Windows operating system with Windows 10 or above in a 64-bit version. Intel Core i5 processor with 16 GB minimum RAM is also compulsory. Moreover, 7GB minimum storage is also compulsory as the game has high graphic quality and consumes plenty of space.

Cuisineer v1.1.2648 Free Download

To download this game on your Windows, make sure you meet the system requirements given on this page. If your device is okay with the requirements, then all you need is to use the download button to download the game from this page into your Windows device. After downloading the game, you have to follow the installation instructions prompted by the game file. Follow those instructions, complete installation, and you are ready to enjoy this cooking saga on your PC.

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