Ocean Of Games – Executive Assault 2 v1.0.8.16 Free Download

Executive Assault 2 is a cool area sport that mixes strategy and taking pictures. Build bases on asteroids, set up outposts, and war for management in space. You command spaceships, tanks, and robotic armies to overcome the galaxy. The game has two modes: one where you construct and the other where you fight in the action. Switch among them without problems.

Defend your base as a robot or bounce into a starship cockpit for a fast-paced fight. Play with pals as an Executron, taking pictures of outposts and exploring for loot. The recreation has 3 factions, masses of structures, and customizable starships.

Features of Executive Assault 2

This first-person shooter game offers a huge amount of features for PC gaming lovers.

RTS and FPS Fusion

Immerse yourself in a unique mixture of real-time strategy and primary-person shooter gameplay, experiencing the exceptional of both worlds as you construct warfare in the area.

Diverse Playing Styles

Choose how you play via constructing your base on asteroids, deploying outposts, and being attractive in excessive battles to mine assets and boost your economic system.

Multiplayer Mode

Executive Assault 2 offers a multiplayer mode to enjoy collaborative gameplay on PC. Team up with buddies in multiplayer mode, assisting as many as 4 CEO organizations, and have interaction with up to a few AI-driven CEOs for a tough and dynamic experience.

Customizable Starships

Command fleets of customizable starships, each with its specific layout and abilities, allowing for strategic and tactical battles on a grand scale.

First-Person Execution Gameplay

Dive right into a pure first-individual enjoy as an Executron, assisting pals to run their businesses, taking pictures of outposts, and exploring the mysteries of diverse star structures.

Tech Tree and Upgrades

Delve right into a huge tech tree, prioritizing strength control and enhancing station turrets for the most excellent defense as you progress and unlock new technology.

Space Exploration

Set off for a space exploration with Executive Assault 2. Explore the vastness of the area, raid derelict outposts for treasured loot, and witness the destruction of entire celebrity structures on your quest for intergalactic dominance.

Multi-Faction Gameplay

There are 3 distinct factions in this PC game.  Every faction offers specific advantages and challenges. This multi-faction adds intensity and variety to your conquest techniques.

Resource Management

Mine asteroids for valuable resources the use of every faction’s unique approach. Manufacture robots and mechs and exchange goods to earn promotions and unlock superior tech.

Seamless Mode Switching

There are plenty of game modes in this shooting saga. You can seamlessly switch from one mode to another with just one click.

Map Editor and Personalization

Executive Assault 2 comes with an integrated map editor to personalize your gameplay. Craft your galaxy with the map editor, customize your company with a custom brand, and determine the products you trade, including a creative contact for your intergalactic empire.

Executive Assault 2 Download For PC

Just use the Download button to get the game file from this page. We recommend you go with a 64-bit processor if you are a Mac or Windows user. AMD Quad-core or Intel i7

with 12 GB RAM is ideal for this game. Moreover, you also need DirectX version 11 and a high-range graphic card.

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